Adwin Korea has two domestic and one overseas subsidiaries as related companies.

Domestics C&Tech Corporation, EM Corporation

C&Tech Corporation

Date of Establishment Oct. 24, 2003
CEO Mr. Han Wook Park
Address 30, Sandan-ro, Pyeongtaek-city, Gyeonggi-do (Mogok-dong)
Main Business R&D, Manufacturing and Sales of Cosmetics
Web Site www.cntechcorp.co.kr

C&Tech is a specialized manufacturing company of health & beauty products, with well-organized facilities and equipments, based on CGMP quality control system, and has the biggest production capacity for facial masks, cleansing wipes and pouch type cosmetics in Korea. In addition, by organizing production lines and R&D system for basic skin cares & functional cosmetics, hair&body cares, cleansing cosmetics, hand&foot cares, various patch cosmetics and hair colors, C&Tech has already proved as the best OEM·ODM specialty company, by many domestic and overseas customers.


EM Corporation

Date of Establishment Nov. 21, 2007
CEO Mr. Han Wook Park
Address 757, Chorok-ro, Yanggam-myun, Hwangsung-city, Gyeonggi-do
Main Business Development and Sales of Cosmetics & Household Goods, On-line and SNS Marketing
Web Site www.purederm.co.kr

EM Corporation is a company specializing in development & sales of cosmetics and household goods and also in online & SNS marketing. EM sells their own brand cosmetics and various character products in their own shopping mall, develops the items suitable for famous open markets, professional on-line stores, and social commerce markets, and specializes in product planning, web-designing, promoting, advertising, sales, delivery and customer service.

C&TECH CHINA, INC.  科特琪化妆品(苏州)有限公司

C&Tech China, Inc.

Date of Establishment Feb. 06, 2015
CEO Mr. Han Wook Park
Address Meiaisi Biologic Industry Garden, Foho Economic Development Zone, China
Main Business R&D, Manufacturing and Sales of Cosmetics
Web Site www.cntechchina.cn

C&Tech China, Inc., located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, is a cosmetic manufacturing & sales company, which established in 2015, under the motto to introduce superior technology of Korean cosmetics in China market, and to take a role of advance guard for satisfying Chinese customers’ needs for Korean cosmetics. With a CGMP leveled facilities, C&Tech China can manufacture and supply Facial Sheet Masks, Pouch Creamy Masks, Multi-step Treatments, Hydrogel Masks, Eye Patches, Hand&Foot Masks and other attractive skin care products to Chinese market.